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The British Gas Price Rise is Here – And It’s a Big One

01-08-2017 Posted by:Victoria Arrington


The British Gas Price Rise is Here – And It’s a Big One


…But you can save £240 if you act quickly to protect yourself


After months of delays, British Gas has finally done it – they’ve hiked up their prices, to the tune of 12.5% on electricity, and 7.3% on dual fuel, starting on 15th September – affecting 3.1 million consumers across the nation. It’s a £76 rise and takes their average Standard Variable Tariff to £1,120 for a monthly direct debit customer.

As you can imagine, many customers aren’t happy – For instance, Andy Stewart (@scooberson) reacted on Twitter with: “12.5%? 30 year customer saying goodbye”, and David Gentle‏ (@DgGentle) asking ”@BritishGas How can you justify such a price hike?”

British Gas has responded with a statement saying:

“The planned electricity price rise we’ve announced today is the first increase we’ve made in almost four years. It’s a step we have taken reluctantly, and many months after most of our competitors. I want to assure all our customers that we will work hard to be as efficient as possible, deliver great service, and help them keep their bills down.”

Why is this happening? British Gas has said that the cost of getting electricity to people’s homes has gone up and are also blaming the Government.

To this the Government immediately bit back saying don’t blame us. A spokeswoman for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said: “Government policy costs make up a relatively small proportion of household energy bills and cannot explain these price rises.”

What can you do if you are one of the 3.1 million affected?


Here’s how to potentially come out £240 ahead


To save, you must switch to a cheaper deal (Luckily that is quick and easy and a typical BG customer can save £240 a year right now and get a fixed rate deal until March 2019click here to start)

Mark Todd, our founder gives his advice: “If you are one of the unlucky ones impacted, to beat the price rise you have to switch. But don’t be fearful, it’s quick and easy to do this and can save a British Gas Standard customer around £240.”

Here’s how British Gas compares to the other “Big 6 Suppliers”:

What else can you do?

Energy suppliers rely on customers becoming complacent, and falling into their most expensive tariff by default. To stay ahead, simply ensure you switch up to 49 days before your tariff ends. Need help in remembering to switch in advance? Here are some quick tips so you can stay on top of it, and keep your bills low.



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