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Guide To Boiler Cover

25-04-2016 Posted by:Manny Kapur

What is boiler cover?

We all have boilers and heating systems in our homes and like most things eventually they will inevitably breakdown or stop working. Boiler cover is simply insuring your boiler so in the event that something does go wrong, you are covered.

Why do people purchase boiler cover?

Gas Boiler cover gives people peace of mind, peace of mind that in the event of their boiler breaking down they have cover in place and a number to call. Nobody wants to be without heating and hot water, especially not during the height of winter. Equally, nobody wants to have to pay out on a costly repair bill.

What does boiler cover include?

All boiler cover policies will provide you with a registered gas safe engineer to come and look at your boiler, which ensures that your boiler is worked on safely by a professional.

The extent of what is covered depends on the policy selected as policies from different providers vary widely. There are two main types of boiler cover that can be purchased, boiler only insurance and boiler and central heating insurance.

Boiler-only cover policies only cover the cost of repairing your boiler. Boiler and central heating breakdown cover includes repairs to the boiler, the controls and the whole heating system, including the water tank, valves, pipes and radiators. More often than not, this will include the cost of call outs, materials and labour. Although you need to be aware that sometimes an excess may have to be paid, usually ranging from £50-£99.

It is highly recommended that a boiler undergoes an annual service, so it’s a good idea to look out for policies that include this. The typical price of getting your boiler serviced is £55-£75 so choosing a policy that includes this will save you money.

Gas Boiler Cover

What are the pros of having boiler cover?

As stated above gas boiler cover can give you piece of mind as you’ll always have a helpline that you can dial in the event of a breakdown. Having no heating or no hot water can be extremely stressful and with boiler cover you can ensure that you are not without heating and hot water for as long.

Without boiler cover, the other option would be phoning local plumbers or gas engineers which could leave your house without heating and hot water for an extended period of time (particularly during public holidays) and also leave you with an unexpected and costly repair bill.

Do I have to choose the same provider as my gas and electricity?

No, a common misconception is consumers believing they have to select boiler cover from the company that already provides their gas and electricity. This is not the case, be sure to compare gas boiler cover against other suppliers as you will almost always find a cheaper deal.

What do I need to be weary of before purchasing?

•    Some home insurance policies will include boiler cover so make sure you check this as you don’t want to be insured twice.
•    If your boiler is relatively new then it could still be under manufacturer’s warranty meaning boiler cover isn’t necessary.
•    If you’re not the homeowner then it is not your responsibility to arrange boiler cover. If you’re renting, ask the landlord what sort of arrangements are in place.
•    Older boilers may not be coverable. Sometimes if a boiler needs replacing and is above a certain age your insurance won’t cover you. So make sure to read the policy details before purchase.
•    Make sure to check the compulsory excess that will be paid if a claim is made as every policy is different.
•    Lastly, be aware that if you do purchase boiler cover the price you are quoted may only apply for the first year. Meaning that after the first year is up and your cover is due for renewal, some policies will get considerably more expensive, so as you would with other forms of cover, shop around for other policies before deciding whether to renew your current policy or not.

What do I need to consider when choosing a boiler cover policy?

•    Check how many callouts are included with your cover, ideally you want a policy with unlimited callouts.
•    Look out for exclusions, some providers will not cover certain types of boiler or may exclude boilers that are above a certain age.
•    Don’t just select the cheapest gas boiler cover you can find as this may not contain adequate cover for your boiler.
•    How quick is the process of making a claim?
•    Is there a 24-hour helpline, 365 days a year?
•    How long will it take to send an engineer out?
•    How much is the payable excess if a claim is made?
•    How much cover do you need? If your boiler is relatively new you may not need extensive cover.
•    Most policies will have an initial no-claims period where a new policy holder cannot make a claim until this period has cleared. Some are longer than others but usually new policy holders will have to wait at least 14 days before making a claim.
•    Check if there are caps on the policy. For example, some policies will only pay out up to the value of £1500
•    Always read the terms and conditions and policy details before switching gas boiler cover. This will ensure everything you need covered is included in the policy.

How much will boiler cover cost me?

Naturally, the cost of cover will vary by supplier and by the level of cover you want or select. Obviously the more cover you require, the more it’s likely to cost you. Boiler cover prices tend to range from as little as £5 a month to as much as £20 a month, so it’s best to shop around and compare across various different suppliers.

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