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The British Gas Price Rise Arrives in One Week

08-09-2017 Posted by:Victoria Arrington

 Outsmart British Gas Price Hike

The British Gas Price Rise Arrives in One Week


…Act now to beat it – you can still save £240!


British Gas made headlines across the UK last month, when they announced that they are hiking up their prices on their Standard Variable Tariffs (12.5% on electricity, and 7.3% on dual fuel).

The deadline is closing in – hikes will go in place on the 15th of September – affecting 3.1 million consumers across the nation. It’s a £76 rise and takes their average Standard Variable Tariff to £1,120 for a monthly direct debit customer.



You still can save – you don’t have to accept the price hike.


In order to save, you must switch to a cheaper deal (Luckily that is quick and easy, and a typical BG customer can save £240 a year right now and get a fixed rate deal until March 2019 – click here to start)


Mark Todd, our founder gives his advice: “If you are one of the unlucky ones impacted, to beat the price rise you have to switch. But don’t be fearful, it’s quick and easy to do this and can save a British Gas Standard customer around £240.”


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