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Brrr…. A Freezing January Week is Coming

12-01-2015 Posted by:Manny Kapur



It’s been stormy and rainy all week for most of the UK while Scotland has been battered by snow and blizzards. Next week is set to be a real chiller as the mercury plunges.

Sunday is forecast to be snowy across many parts of the UK, and Monday & Tuesday distinctly parky with many areas not getting over 2C. My wife who comes from Brazil will probably be moaning all week and want to emigrate again! My daughter will be over the moon and desperate to build a snowman.

Good luck with travel, particularly beware Monday morning and Sunday evening and please wrap up warm – we don’t want any colds! Remember to keep your home at the very least at 18C and preferably around 20-21C during the day if you are staying in. 18C at night while you are under the duvet wrapped up snug and warm is OK.



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