Top & Exclusive Energy Deals

Only Here – Energy Helpline’s Exclusive Energy Deals!

Here are our exclusive energy deals – you can’t get these anywhere else!

Supplier Tariff Average Cost  Saving vs Typical Standard Bill Fixed or Variable Fix Period Exit Fees
Solarplicity Solarplicity’s SMART Fixed £861 £311 Fixed 12 months £30 per fuel
Toto Energy TOTO Fixed Super Saver – 12 Months £869 £303 Fixed 12 months £30 per fuel
Avro Energy Simple and EHL April £875 £297 Fixed 12 months £30 per fuel

At energyhelpline ,we use your energy information to provide a price comparison of tariffs across the market, but we don’t just make searching for the best deals easier; we also provide exclusive deals we’ve organised with suppliers that you won’t find anywhere else.

Each of these tariffs are highly competitive; all are cheaper than any Big Six tariff, all are within £80 of the absolute cheapest tariff on the market, and all are within the top 30 tariffs on the market of the hundreds on offer.

The energy market continues to evolve as price comparison websites (PCWs) become more numerous and are beginning to differentiate themselves; they will compete more aggressively, whether it’s on reliability and consumer transparency, additional rewards, scale and accuracy of price comparison, brand image, or anything else they can do to stand out.

Our way of standing out will always be to focus on saving you, the customer, as much money on your bills as possible, by helping you make the best-informed decision possible. In this spirit we display tariffs from the whole of the market, not just the tariffs covered by our contracts with suppliers. Our service is also completely free, and Ofgem-accredited. And, with over 70 suppliers and hundreds of tariffs, we allow you to filter the results as you see fit, either by service rating, tariff type, renewable energy etc.

This is why our service has helped millions of customers save over £1 billion on their energy bills in nearly 16 years, and we will continue to adapt to provide the best service we can. Exclusive tariffs are just the latest example of this commitment.