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Case Studies

I saved £350 switching with energyhelpline

Having grown infuriated with the state of the energy market, Liam Mercer decided enough was enough, “Wholesale prices are decreasing, but companies refuse to cut my prices in line with their savings,” he said. “They are quick to put prices up, but never quick to put them down as well. This happened with my old supplier; my bills went up yet again, and their customer service was not what I would normally expect so I decided it was time to move on.”

Mr. Mercer registered and switched his energy with’s Great British Collective, and was pleasantly surprised with how easy the whole process was, “Of course if people find that they’re better off by switching, they need to at least consider it,” he said.

Saving around £350 by simply switching his energy Mr. Mercer is delighted with his new energy tariff and supplier, “They’ve saved me a lot of money, and customer service has been a big improvement so far.”

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