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Cheapest Electricity Suppliers in UK

Who is my cheapest electricity supplier in UK?

Without running a comparison, it is hard to say who your cheapest electricity supplier is. Who the cheapest supplier can be worked out manually, however, with the amount of new energy suppliers entering the market, and the number of tariffs each supplier has, this would take a while.

How do I find my cheapest energy supplier?

The quickest means of finding your cheapest electricity supplier is to run a comparison using an Ofgem accredited comparison site like energyhelpline.

You’ll only need a few details, a few minutes of your time, and you’ll then be able to see who your cheapest energy supplier is.

Why should I use

energyhelpline is a whole of market, Ofgem accredited price comparison service.

What’s Ofgem accredited mean? What’s the difference between Ofgem accredited and regular switching sites…?
Ofgem accredited sites have agreed to being fair, impartial and unbiased by showing the whole market, regardless of whether or not the comparison site has a relationship with that supplier.

This ensures that you can make an informed choice before switching suppliers as you can see every tariff and supplier on the market.

Energyhelpline makes comparing electricity suppliers straightforward and easy. Since set up in 2002, energyhelpline has helped millions of households compare and switch suppliers, in the process saving millions in utility bills every year.

Cheapest Electricity Supplier

How do I run a comparison?

You’ll first need to enter your postcode, which determines which energy region your property falls into. Different regions pay different rates on their energy, and for the most part, different regions will have a different cheapest supplier.

Next you’ll need to enter your current usage, as this will enable you to get an accurate quote.
Preferably, you should enter your annual kWh usage which can be found on a recent bill and is the most accurate method. If for whatever reason you’re unable to find out your kWh, you can enter how much you currently spend per month, quarter or annually.

energyhelpline also provides a usage estimator that provides a rough approximation of your usage based on a few questions. Questions include property type, number of bedrooms, and number of occupants.

Lastly, you’ll need to enter your payment method. Prices greatly differ by payment method which means
cheapest electricity suppliers will also differ. The different methods include monthly direct debit, pay on receipt of bill, quarterly direct debit and prepayment. The cheapest and most popular method is monthly direct debit.

Once your payment preference has been selected, the comparison calculator will begin crunching the numbers and take you to a results table.

What is displayed in the results table?

energyhelpline is part of the Ofgem confidence code, so you’ll be shown all tariffs offered by all suppliers.
The results table is setup in a user friendly way so that the cheapest tariffs with the highest savings are displayed at the top of the results table.

If price is not your central focus and you’d prefer to switch to the electricity suppliers with the better customer service, then you can arrange the results table by the service ratings that energyhelpline offer.

Service ratings are calculated using statistics published by the regulator Ofgem including number of complaints received and number of complaints resolved by the supplier.

I’ve found my cheapest electricity supplier, how can I switch?

Now you’ve found your cheapest electricity supplier in UK, simply click the “I want this tariff” button, and you’ll be taken to the switch application form. The switch application requires a few minor details which are sent to your new supplier, and takes a matter of minutes.

The switch will take roughly 3 to 4 weeks, as there is an initial 2 week cooling off period in which you can cancel if you change your mind.

Once you have received the switchover date from your old and new electricity suppliers, you’ll just have to provide a meter reading to both suppliers, so you are billed correctly, and then you can start enjoying cheap electricity.

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