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Who is my cheapest energy supplier?

There is no definitive answer to who your cheapest energy supplier may be.

This is dependent on a number of things such as:
– Where you live
– How much you use
– Your payment method
– Whether you use both gas and electricity or just one

How do I find my cheapest energy supplier?

There’s load of new suppliers entering the market, and huge numbers of new tariffs being released every month, so the quickest method is to run a comparison using an Ofgem accredited comparison site such as

Ofgem accreditation is given to independent price comparison sites who show the whole of market, are impartial i.e. they don’t favour one supplier over another, and are accurate in their calculations. Their sites are checked once a year by the regulator to ensure they are comprehensive, impartial and accurate.

What details do I need to make a comparison?

Making a comparison and finding your cheapest energy supplier takes just a few of minutes, all you need to provide is your postcode, the tariff you are currently on, how much gas and electricity you consume and your payment method.

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Why is it necessary to supply these details?

Providing your postcode is essential in running a comparison due to the UK being segmented into 14 energy distribution regions. Suppliers will charge different rates depending on the region you are situated in, meaning the cheapest energy provider can differ across the country.

Details on your current tariff and energy consumption are required in order for the price comparison calculator to determine how much you are currently paying, which tariffs are available to you and how much it will save you switching to these tariffs.

How to run a comparison?

The process of running a comparison couldn’t be simpler or less time consuming, taking just a matter of minutes. You will need the following details:

1. Firstly, the postcode of the property must be entered to identify the energy region your property falls within.

2. Next, your current supplier and energy usage must be entered. For the purpose of accuracy it is greatly advised that a past bill with your usage figure is used. Ideally you should provide the usage in kWh from the bill. Your bill should provide your usage in the last 12 months. The second most accurate way will be to provide the monthly cost in pound sterling. If you are unsure of your usage or are unable to find a bill, then most comparisons can estimate your usage based on the size of your property, and the number of occupants.

3. Once the details have been entered in the price comparison calculator, the calculator will then produce a results table displaying a whole of market comparison. This will include the cheapest energy suppliers and tariffs available to you so you can make an informed choice of who you want to supply your energy.

I’ve found my cheapest energy supplier, what next?

By default the results table will show the different energy suppliers and tariffs in order of who is cheapest. This will enable you to see the largest possible saving you could make by switching, but also allows you to compare other aspects, such as the service rating of each supplier.

Once you have decided which is the best tariff is for you, simply select the one you wish to switch to.
Next you’ll be asked to enter a few more personal details which are to be handed over to your new supplier so the switch can progress.

On average, switching suppliers takes 3-4 weeks which includes a 2 week cooling off period in case you change your mind.

Your old and new supplier will contact you to inform you of the switchover date so that a closing meter reading can be submitted and an accurate final bill can be produced.

And there you have it, once the final bill has been paid; you can then enjoy cheap energy with your new supplier.

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