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How do I find my cheapest gas and electricity supplier?

There are a few factors which affect what your cheapest gas and electricity supplier will be: where you live, how much you use and how you choose to pay.

1. Where you live

Map of the UKThe great postcode lottery affects us in many ways in this country, whether it be related to schooling, health care or indeed energy. Energy supply is broken up into 14 different regions in the UK. Depending on how a supplier distributes or supplies its energy in a particular region it may be more or less expensive than elsewhere. This is why it is so difficult for consumers to simply use press releases and average bill prices as a guide for how much a tariff will cost or which tariff is cheapest. The answer for them may be very different than the one another person would receive across the country. Where you live will also dictate what suppliers make available to you, as some suppliers only supply in specific regions across the UK.

So an energy quote will almost be exclusively bespoke to you (unless you can find someone else in your region who matches your usage habits and current supplier precisely).

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2. How much you use

How much energy you use will affect what is the cheapest tariff for your homeYour usage has a great impact on who the best gas and electricity supplier will be for your property. There are some deals that are good for low users, there are some deals that are good for medium users and some that are good for high users. Once again, the benefit of comparing all suppliers using your actual usage is that you are presented with a clear calculation of the amount you will be saving by switching as well as the amount you will expect to pay on your new deal. When running a comparison this is why using the kWh specific usage is of a greater accuracy than using your monthly spend, as the latter will most likely be an estimated figure that your supplier charges you to cover an expected usage.

Obviously your usage can also help you save money once you have chosen a cheapest gas and electricity supplier. Making small improvements to your home such as installing draught excluders or having an annual boiler check to make sure it is functioning optimally can make a real difference to the amount of energy you use during the colder months.

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3. How you choose to pay

How you pay your bill will affect your energy costsYour choice of payment method can reduce your bills by as much as £100 a year. Simply opting to pay for your energy via monthly direct debit enables your supplier to reward you with a greater discount as they know they are guaranteed to have your money each month, rather than having to wait to process your payment after you have received your bill.

We would always encourage customers looking to save the most to choose to pay in this manner. Although we realise that some just do not want to do this, it really is the best way to maximise your savings and in some cases gives you access to suppliers and tariffs that are only available to monthly direct debit payers.

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Compare often

95% of people are not on their best energy tariffThe key to getting a great deal for your energy is to compare suppliers whenever your current deal is coming to an end. In the weeks preceding the tariff end date you will be free to switch without penalty. With the best deals only available to those who shop around there is really no excuse for staying on uncompetitive standard offers.

Think of it this way, if you were to buy the same item from the grocers and the producer of that item knew that you had no intention of ever purchasing a rival product would you expect them to offer you a fair price? The energy market works in exactly the same way. The discounts are offered to customers who search for them, loyalty is rewarded with high costs unfortunately. We don’t want you to be unfairly charged while others save hundreds of pounds comparatively, so make sure you compare suppliers often to get the cheapest gas and electricity supplier for you.

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