The Cheapest Energy Tariffs on the Market

What Are The Cheapest Energy Tariffs on the Market Right Now?

Supplier Tariff Average Cost Saving Fixed or Variable Exit Fees Service Rating
Utility Point Flexi Online Tracker 18 Wk17 Direct £795 £367 Variable none 3
Powershop Top Shopper April 2018 Issue 5 £801 £361 Variable none 4
Outfox the Market Zapp! December Tariff (medium consumption) £806 £356 Variable none 2
Outfox the Market Whack! January Tariff (medium consumption) £815 £347 Fixed (18 months) £50 per fuel 2
USIO Lite 0.2 £820 £342 Variable none 3

According to Ofgem, around 57% of people were with the 10 largest suppliers on SVTs as of September 2017. These tariffs aren’t price protected, and suppliers will move you onto them when your existing deal expires.

On these deals, suppliers are selling you exactly the same product at a significant mark-up. Recently 4 of the “Big Six” suppliers have raised their prices, bringing up their average SVT to a bloated £1,172. As you can see from our cheapest available tariffs, energy need not be this expensive.

In an ideal world, prices would stay down, as suppliers compete to attract new customers and keep their existing ones. However, unlike other markets, customers almost never engage with their supplier, and they rarely ever think about their energy bills.

This makes sense. It’s the same reason people don’t want to spend their precious free time stressing over their broadband, or their insurance, or their taxes. Luckily you don’t even need to talk to your supplier – you just need to ask a third party to do it for you.