How to Choose an Energy Tariff That’s Right For You

 (It’s Really Easy…)

What do you care about the most when it comes to your energy?




Top – Rated Service?


Green tariffs?


All of these are easy to find by using our simple to follow service. Here’s How.


All you need to start is your postcode.


*For this example, we’ve used the postcode of our London office – SE1 8NZ

Note: not every tariff is available to every household – sometimes things vary by region, etc.

From there, we’ll just ask you a few quick questions. The answers are needed to find the best deal we can offer you.

We’ll ask you:

  • Your usage and the size of your home (small, medium, or large)
  • Your current supplier
  • How you pay for your energy (for instance, by direct debit or a paper bill)
  • Etc.

It should only take a few minutes (which may be repaid £100s in savings).

For the most accurate answers, try to have a recent bill or statement at hand.


For our example, we’ve chosen medium usage and medium household size.

On the next page is where you will find a range of tariffs that may suit you.

From here you can get a full view, or filter to what you’re looking for in a tariff.

Savings are always prominently displayed, regardless of what tariff you choose.


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Filtering results


On the left bar, you can choose

Best rated suppliers:

Green Energy Suppliers:


Other things we will share with you on this page:

  • If a tariff is fixed or variable.
  • Tariff End Date (how long you’d be tied in for).
  • Any cancellation fees (if any – not all tariffs have them).
  • The estimated annual cost/ Personal Projection
  • All of these are explained in more detail below.


All of this comes together to help you make the decision that is best for you.

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Need further assistance? Always feel free to phone us at 0800 074 0745 (Mon to Fri – 9am to 8pm, Sat/Sun – 9am to 5pm).

Fixed/variable tariffs

  • A fixed tariff guarantees standing charges and unit costs until a specific date.
  • Good if you want peace of mind knowing what your costs will be for the fixed term period; but if you use more energy than you anticipated, your bill will go up.
  • Fixed prices are often cheaper than supplier’s standard rates, so they’re definitely worth considering.
  • Note: if energy prices go down, you won’t benefit as your costs are fixed. If you’d rather take a gamble on costs coming down, a variable rate tariff might be for you.

Personal projection (estimated annual cost)


  • Because your usage can vary in any given year, it’s not possible to provide exact annual costs, but our Personal Projections give you as accurate a cost as possible.
  • We take into consideration different elements of your current supplier’s tariff, for example if you’ve come to the end of a fixed rate deal.

Tariff end date


  • This is the date on which your tariff ends. For example, if you switch to a fixed rate tariff, this would be the date that those fixed rates would end.
  • Many suppliers would automatically switch you over to their standard rate at this point, which almost certainly won‘t offer great value.
  • It’s important to do another comparison around this time and see what savings you could get by switching again.
  • If you register for our free Price Watch service, we’ll be watching the market for you and will let you know as soon as you could make a saving.
  • You can switch up to 42 days before your tariff end date without incurring a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees


  • A cancellation fee (sometimes called a termination fee or exit fee) is a charge that your new supplier would impose if you left before your tariff end date.
  • These can be substantial, so it’s important to bear this in mind when choosing a new tariff.
  • However, if you have no intentions of switching before your tariff end date, it’s not an issue. Don’t forget you can switch up to 42 days before your tariff end date without incurring a cancellation fee.


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