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Collective Switching

Collective Switching – Great British Collective


What is Collective Switching?

Collective switching is about a like minded large group of consumers getting together and using their buying power, as a group, to negotiate a special deal from energy suppliers.

The more people who are involved in a collective switch, the bigger the buying power and the better the deal .

How does a Collective Switch benefit me?

If you, like 87% of the UK, ( energy switching has since stabilised at around 13% in 2013 as per the 2014 Ofgem Ipsos MORI consumer engagement tracking survey & the Retail Market Review 2015 Sept survey by OFGEM, haven’t switched your energy supplier over the past couple of years then joining a collective switch can provide you with a likely average saving of over £200 per year! We achieved an average saving of £318 in our last collective held in autumn. Think what you could do with that money.

We strive to give our customers the best possible savings on their household energy bills and our focus is thus finding new ways to provide the maximum savings on household energy expenses. Regularly switching suppliers is a great way to cut down on your energy bills, yet we encounter inertia from customers who perhaps wrongly feel it is a daunting task. Energy bills are the easiest are the easiest major bill to switch just taking 10-15 minutes work normally.The irony is, we still find a lot of households paying far too much on their energy bills than they actually should be. Collective Switch is our new endeavour to provide you with yet another innovative way to save on your energy bills. Now the time has come when the customers can collectively save a great deal on their electricity and gas bills. energyhelpline collective switching is now available through our collective switch brand Great British Collective both online as well as offline.

So what are you waiting for Register today! for our next collective switching scheme the “Great British Collective Switch”. The Switching will commence mid Feb ’16.

How easy is it to conduct a Collective Switch?

When it comes to cutting down on the energy bills, we find customers in UK are not very proactive about the energy bills. In fact OFGEM, the industry regulator, has estimated 60% of the consumers have never made an effort to independently switch energy suppliers. Perhaps this has resulted from the presumption that switching independently can be quite a daunting, time-consuming and cumbersome process which is a myth. Collective switching process is fairly easy, it allows you to view almost all the tariffs available on the market in one go so you can make a fully informed choice. The energyhelpline calculator does all the calculations for you crunching the numbers for thousands of tariffs in seconds. If you are of that ilk, you can check all  tariff details of the various tariffs on offer such as unit rates and standing charges. We also provide customer service ratings. You can switch your tariff with the click of a button. Pertinent question would be, how long does it take to make a collective switch and cut down on your annual bills? It’s just takes 10-15 minutes. Sounds unbelievable! Right? Yes you could save over £200 for 15 minutes of your time. We are there to make this happen.

Why should I use the Great British Collective Switching Scheme?

energyhelpline collective switching provides a Consumer Focussed Accredited energy comparison service exclusively for our consumer base and those of our partners.

So what are you waiting for Register today! for the forth coming collective switching scheme the “Great British Collective Switch”.

Great British Collective presents the results table in a very friendly fashion at the top of the table. We also include the rest of market results apart from the collective tariffs so that you know how the collective tariffs stack-up in relation to other tariffs. This precedent set by us is not necessarily followed by others.

We are the only company to offer regional winning tariff offers in almost every category. Our categories include Dual Fuel Monthly Direct Debit with standard electricity, Dual Fuel Monthly Direct Debit with Economy 7, Gas Only, Standard Electricity Only, Electricity only economy 7, prepayment as well as green tariff categories. What makes us do this? Well, many people are not aware of the fact that suppliers have different rates and deals depending on the consumer region, fuel type and payment method. As a result, some consumers are getting cheap deals while others find it difficult to cope up with the exorbitant rates. Our intention is that every consumer gets a great deal irrespective of the category and their region. We offer a chance for suppliers to bid in the specific region especially if they want to be competitive and retain their customers in that region or want to acquire new customers in that specific region as they may have a smaller market share. We want to make sure that every consumer, irrespective of their location, is benefited by being part of the collective switching scheme.

Another key differentiator from Great British Collective switch is making the switching process as easy as possible for you. The switching can be done in two ways firstly it can be done online using your computer, tablet or even a mobile phone. The second method involves just picking up a phone and speaking to someone in our U.K. based call centre in Kent. In case you are daunted by computers or nervous about technology and rather speak to another human being at the end of a phone line, this is the easiest route. The call centre advisor would be able to conduct the entire process within 10-15 minutes; they would do the comparison and tell you what you are likely to save. On your approval, they will then complete the switch for you. You can now relax and look forward to the saving. A confirmation is sent to your email ID if you have provided one or alternatively a letter is sent out to you by post.

Is the Great British Collective Switch Scheme reliable?

Collective switching involves consumers grouping together to secure a deal for their energy supply. Typically these initiatives will be put together by a third party such as energyhelpline (a switching website), a local council or a private company. We partner with major National and Regional Newspapers. In addition we have a number of councils we partner with. We also work work with some public sector and private sector companies. The organisers make an effort to gather together, maximum number of people for the sign up process. An auction is then held by energyhelpline among the energy suppliers, whoever has the best tariff to offer wins in that category- as they bid with their lowest tariffs. Those who have signed up can switch to the new energy plan if they wish. If you register there is no compulsion to switch.

So what have you got to lose Register today! for the forth coming collective switching scheme the “Great British Collective Switch”.

How is a Collective Switching Scheme beneficial for a energy supplier?

Collective switching schemes have gained popularity as the energy suppliers can offer only four core energy tariffs. This scheme offers the suppliers a chance to provide an additional discounted rate tariff to garner new customers. To attract new customers most energy suppliers use the Collective Switching tariffs that are unique i.e. they use it as an acquisition route which means suppliers really like these schemes because it gives them a large number of new customers in a short span of time. Also since these tariffs are available for a limited period it makes them very attractive for consumers such as you as well as energy suppliers, both large and small.

How does the Collective Switch process work?

With the energyhelpline collective switching scheme, consumers can now just register their interest and make use of their collective buying power for negotiating lower energy tariffs. energyhelpline then based on the number of people who have registered approach the energy suppliers and hold an energy auction for the various categories. Register your interest in the collective switching scheme by simply filling your details on the website. We will then  follow it up by holding a ‘reverse auction’ among the major suppliers, wherein the suppliers bid the lowest price possible. Once the bidding is done, the scheme organizers and energyhelpline contact the registered members to let them know how much they could save if they were to make a switch. The company that offers the lowest tariff takes the lead and gets the maximum consumers, as expected.

Collective Switching

So what are you waiting for Register today! for the forth coming collective switching scheme the “Great British Collective Switch”.


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