Collective Energy Switching

See how much you can save on energy with collective switching

What is a Collective Energy Deal – And How Much Could it Save You?

  • Collectives are a way of organising exclusive market-beating energy deals for a closed group of consumers.
  • The more people who register, the better the deal is likely to be. When consumers group together it becomes a huge incentive for suppliers to offer them exclusive deals to gain their business all at once – .
  • You could save £100s on your energy bill.  Being a part of an energy collective deal could give you access to deals better than those available in the open market.

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How do collective energy switching deals work?

All you have to do is register your details either online or over the phone during the registration period (often limited to a few weeks every few months).

After registration closes, suppliers are invited to bid on getting exclusive access to the registrants as potential customers by presenting an exclusive energy deal. Whichever supplier offers the best deal wins!

From there, registrants can switch, in the “switching window”. You will be free to either switch to the new exclusive tariff, to switch to another cheap deal or not switch at all – whatever you’d prefer. The switching process itself only takes a few minutes.

How could collective energy switching benefit you?

You don’t have to switch after registering. All you are doing is registering your interest, increasing the bargaining power of the group and encouraging suppliers to bid with their best deals. Registering also secures your ability to access the winning deal available when it is announced. By registering you are simply expanding your switching options, which can help you get an above-market deal.

Why should I sign up for energyhelpline’s collective deal?

Some collective deals will only present you with the winning deal once the auction is complete. We will present the deal alongside the cheapest deals on the market, allowing you to make a more informed decision. Our auction is also categorised by payment method, meter type, region, the length of the fix and whether the deal is renewable. There are often multiple winners across these categories, making it more likely that our scheme presents a deal that is right for you.

How do I join in on the next energy collective?

Simply register at and we’ll get in contact with you when the winner(s) are announced!

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