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Save Energy by Comparing Gas and Electricity Prices

With over 40 suppliers and hundreds of tariff options, finding a new energy supplier seems like a daunting task, but to compare gas and electricity prices all you need to do these days is to head for an energy comparison service. These services enable you to compare all licensed suppliers tariffs after providing some basic details about your current supplier.

Whilst you can get a good idea as what savings you may be able to achieve by knowing what you spend per month or quarter it is better to have recent bill to hand which gives you the units used via which the future price you might pay can be more accurately calculated.

The vast majority of the energy comparison services are online with only companies like energyhelpline offering significant UK call centre presence with 7 day opening hours. Being able to speak to an adviser who can answer any questions and advise you on your options can make the task easier and enable you to proceed with confidence.

It is always advisable to choose an OFGEM accredited service, as it ensures that all supplier and tariffs are displayed, as some non accredited services may hide tariffs they cannot sell.  energyhelpline currently works with 36 out of the 43 energy suppliers, more than any other site, and almost twice as many as some of its competitors. With energyhelpline energy price comparison service you can quickly compare gas and electricity prices and get the best deal.

Compare Gas and Electricity Prices


How to Compare Gas and Electricity Prices?

For an accurate comparison you need to enter your current supplier, the tariff you are on (both should be on your bill) and then choose the payment method you currently use. Historically this has been your regional electricity supplier and British Gas, but as over half of the UK homes have now switched at least once it is important to check this. If you do not have a bill to hand you can still carry out a comparison via the estimator tool which will make a number of assumptions based on OFGEM averages for small, medium and large properties.

Next you will be asked to consider how you would like to pay and manage your account in future.  Monthly Direct Debit and online tariffs offer the biggest savings but other options are also available. Some suppliers even allow paper billing to be added to online tariffs for a small fee, offering the best of both worlds.

You will then be presented with a results table of suppliers and tariffs for you to review. This will generally include anticipated future bills size, any savings achieved over your current tariff, levels of service provided, billing formats and information about how long the tariff runs for. Feedback about service ratings is also included.  Once you’ve compared gas and electricity prices, choose the supplier and tariff that offers what you are after. As energyhelpline offers a switching service directly following the comparison service you can apply for the new tariff in a matter of minutes.

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