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The Door is Quickly Closing on The Collective – Only 3 Days Left

16-06-2017 Posted by:Victoria Arrington

The Door is Closing Quickly on The Collective – Only 3 Days Left!

Save more than pennies by signing up for our Summer Collective 2017

Save more than pennies by signing up for our Summer Collective 2017

Once the registration window closes, collective switching will be unavailable until October 17th – time in which you could be overpaying on your energy bill for no good reason.


The time left to join our Summer Collective is getting shorter by the second – with registration strictly closing on Monday.

We think you’ll be very impressed by this collective’s winner – it’s a five-star, big six supplier, top-rated for quality and service.*

How Do Energy Collectives Work?

One of the best bargaining tools out there is a large group of people with a common goal – in this case, getting a cheaper energy tariff.

The Collective is a way of uniting you with people from across the UK interested in getting a cut-rate energy deal. All you have to do is take a few moments to register here. From there, we bargain on your behalf.

Sign-ups are open to all, but the savings are strictly limited to those who have registered in advance.

The suppliers would love to gain loads of new business in one go, so they battle hard for your business, cutting rates as low as they can. But only the supplier that offers the cheapest tariff wins in the end.

Our Last Collective Tariff Was One of the Best in the Business

These are the sort of rates that no individual could ever get on their own. Our last collective was a deal that beat out anything else offered by the Big Six, and was secured for 12 months, protecting users from giant surprise bills. And this Collective’s winner is even more attractive – a five-star, big six supplier, top-rated for quality and service*– you won’t be disappointed!

Why is Collective Energy Pricing So Much Lower?

Because great amounts of (financial) change can happen when people are united in large numbers. Collective bargaining has long been proven to be of the strongest ways to effect change – which is why we are using it to empower people to combine together and press suppliers for the best deal energy deal possible.

Already Signed up? It’s Nearly Time To Find Out How Much You’ve Saved!

Next Tuesday, registrants can go to their inbox to find out the collective tariff that beat out all the others for savings and quality. We can’t wait to share the good news with you – see you next week!

To register for The Collective, click here. Registration closes at midnight on June 19th.

*As per energyhelpline ratings

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