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Here Are Some Easy & Painless Ways to Save £1000s in 2018

04-01-2018 Posted by:Victoria Arrington

Here Are Some Easy & Painless Ways to Save £1000s in 2018


There are several very easy ways to save money, some taking no more than 5 minutes per year.


If you are one of the many who spent too much over the festive season, or even if you perhaps want to make a smart fresh financial start, it can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, saving money can be easier than you think. There are several very easy ways to save money, some taking no more than 5 minutes per year.

Here are a few easy and quick resolutions you can make right now to save some extra cash this year – and unlike most resolutions, these are so easy, you won’t have any trouble doing them.

Resolution no. 1 – Save Money by Deleting Old Direct Debits and Subscriptions


Take a quick look at your outgoings in the last month, and think of what can be deleted (old direct debits for things you no longer use, such as magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, etc., and/or subscriptions for streaming services, etc.)

Auto-billed payments like these are designed by businesses to take advantage of people who don’t check up on their accounts, with the hope the money will slip away from you without you noticing.

But that cash can pile up – Just £25 wasted direct debits a month means you are out £300 in a year, for no good reason at all.

Resolution no.2 – Commute to Work For Less


The cost of getting to and from work can be outrageous, and with every new year the price seems to spike. Fares in 2018 are no exception, with some operators hiking prices by nearly 5% in 2018.

How You Could Potentially Cut the Cost of a Season Ticket by £100s


If you are lucky enough to have an employer who offers a season ticket loan, take advantage – it’s a great benefit to have.

However, if you don’t, there is an alternative – a 0% credit card. That means you can put the full cost of your season ticket on the card, and possibly save hundreds a month, with very little effort.

However, you must take care to pick a card with a 0% period that is at least a year, so you can pay monthly. It’s also important to make your payments on time, every time, and to finish up your payments before the 0% period ends.  Setting up a direct debit to go out on your payday could be an easy and fast way to do this, so you don’t have to think about it.

Resolution no.3 – Get a (Much) Better Deal on Your Bills


Many bills can be lowered by a dramatic percentage – and this could add up to hundreds more in your bank account over time. Things that can be lowered include car insurance, your mobile bill, broadband/TV, and your electric and gas bills.

Switching gas and electric is particularly useful, as the potential savings will could make zero impact on your lifestyle, or the comfort of your home. Switching energy suppliers could potentially save you hundreds on a product that that is identical to one you likely were overpaying for.

Resolution no.4 – Make a Little Extra for Dinner


This is a very easy one you can start immediately. Next time you make dinner, make a bit more than you need – say one extra serving. Then after dinner, pack it away in the fridge in a storage container. Put that container into a carrier bag, and in the morning, grab it on your way out the door to work. Voila – the next day’s lunch with hardly any effort.

If you don’t want to do leftovers, many easy meals can be made in microwaves – such as a jacket potato, which can cost pennies to make at work.

Though this may be easy, it comes with a huge financial bonus – doing just this rather than spending £6 on a takeaway lunch can mean over £1000* in cash for you to spend on more important things.

*(Assuming spending £2 to cook lunch vs. £6 to buy it)

Resolution no.5 – Look For Easy Money: The Painless Way to Save £2400 in 2018


If you were to painlessly cut your spending by just £200 a month starting today, by 2019 you could have £2400 – which could add up to quite a nice holiday.

Want to see how you could do this? Here are some potential savings you could aim for:

= £2400 in 12 months

That’s a pretty painless path to £2400 – money which can now pay for a better life for you and your family.

By taking small steps like these, in a year you could be pleasantly surprised by how much cash you have back in your pocket. After all, that money should be in your pocket – not someone else’s.





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