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Economy 10

Gas and Electricity

Gas and Electricity Guide

Do you want to know more about economy 10?  Fair enough.  Energy is one of the biggest household expenses.  You will have noticed energy prices rising rapidly over the past few years.  Knowing more about gas and electricity will enable you to reduce your bill. can help you compare energy prices and switch to the cheapest supplier, which could save you hundreds of pounds.  If you’ve got any questions, you can phone our call centre which is UK-based and free to call.

Economy 10 Tariffs To Reduce Your Household Expenses

Economy 10 tariffs consist of 10 hours of off-peak electricity, which suppliers offer at a reduced rate.  Like economy 7, this tariff suits households that have storage heaters and appliances that can be set to run at particular times.  Unlike economy 7, economy 10 customers not only enjoy 7 hours of discounted electricity overnight, they also get an extra 3 hours in the afternoon.

E.ON, Southern Electric and EDF all offer economy 10 tariffs.

•    Can I cut my bills with economy 10?
•    How does economy 10 work?
•    How do I switch to economy 10?

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Can I cut my bills with economy 10?

To cut your bills with economy 10, you will need to schedule around 20% of your energy consumption during the discounted period.  Economy 10 users often set their boilers, night storage heaters, and appliances to automatically switch on during the cheaper period.

How does economy 10 work?

To be on an economy 10 tariff, you must have an economy 10 meter. These differ from standard meters as they can also measure the consumption of electricity during the discounted periods, as specified by the supplier.

Almost any home can have an economy 10 meter fitted, if desired. You should be aware that there may be a charge for installing the meter.

How do I switch to economy 10? do not have the facility to compare economy 10 tariffs. If you wish to enquire about switching to an economy 10 tariff or if you are a current economy 10 customer and you want to find a cheaper rate, then E.ON, Southern Electric or EDF should be able to give you the most accurate information.

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