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Ecotricity – Green Gas

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Finding a great deal on your household bills is simple with  If you want to know more about the all the UK’s gas and electricity suppliers and their tariffs, read on.

Ecotricity – Green Gas

Ecotricity was formed in 1995 as the world’s first green electricity supplier. Ecotricity launched its domestic tariffs in September 2002 by providing green electricity across the UK mainly from wind power. They have approximately 40,000 customers in the UK.

Ecotricity is dedicated to building new sources of renewable energy and invest more per customer in new sources of renewable energy production than all the other UK suppliers together. The more customers the company has the more investment they can make in building new renewable capacity.

Green Gas is Ecotricity’s only gas tariff, complementing their New Energy electricity tariffs. Gas is sourced partially from renewable sources.


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