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What information do I need to switch my energy supplier?

Switching energy suppliers is easier and quicker than ever before. Sadly many households across the country are not regularly comparing their current gas supplier and tariff with the whole of the market. This means that many, sometimes the most vulnerable, are not getting the best possible rate for their gas supply.

If you haven’t switched before then you may be intimidated by the process, however the steps you need to follow and the information you need to get an accurate comparison are quick and easy to acquire. We take a look at the basic information that you will need to supply, where you can find it and how it can affect you when you switch energy suppliers.

A few bits of information can help your switch energy

It is simple to compare energy suppliers and tariffs with just a few bits of information. So grab a recent energy bill from your current supplier and you can then start your comparison. The key pieces of information you need from your recent bill are:

Postcode: suppliers charge different rates for their deals based on where you live. This is a not very well-known fact, and means that a tariff that is cheapest for your cousin in Glasgow may not be as cheap for you in Cardiff. This is why we encourage customers to run their own price comparisons rather than just use national averages to dictate their decisions when selecting a new energy deal. Your postcode will help our calculator pinpoint the cheapest deals in the region that you live in, giving you a complete picture about the savings that can be made.

Current Supplier & Tariff: You will need to select your current supplier and tariff. This information will also be contained within your most recent energy bill. You will need to enter this information to see what savings you could make by switching your energy supplier and tariff. Telling us this info means that our calculator can see the rates that you currently pay for your gas supply and can accurately compare these against all the other current tariffs that are available in the market.

Current usage: the amount you currently use is quite important if you want to see an accurate projection of what you will save and be paying in the future when you switch. You can choose to enter the amount you use in either kWh (Kilowatt Hours) or in the current amount you pay each billing period. Please note that by entering kWh per year that you use you will get the most accurate calculation as the amount you spend per month is often an estimated figure set by your supplier to cover your expected usage, and sometimes does not represent the actual amount of energy you utilise.

Once you have this information you can proceed with your comparison. When you compare you can select to see a number of different options represented in the results that you see. Factors such as what payment method you choose will affect the number of tariffs that will be available to you for example. To get the best possible deal on your gas supply we highly recommend that you choose to pay by monthly direct debit if possible. Suppliers usually offer the greatest discounts and range of tariffs to those opting to pay by this method. Some prefer to pay on receipt of bill or by quarterly direct debit however, and these options will be available to you as well.

Regularly comparing and switching your energy supplier and tariff is the only way that you can guarantee that you pay the best possible rate for your energy use. With the cheapest tariffs on the market costing considerably less than standard supplier deals you really do need to shop around to get the cheapest gas deal for you.

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