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Energy Switching Up 30%

09-09-2016 Posted by:Mark Todd

This week OFGEM has reported that energy switching is booming in the UK. Switching is up 30% year on year to close to 4 million switches a year with two trends really powering the increase.

The first is the huge shift of customers from big to small suppliers and the subsequent fight back of the big suppliers. This has led to a much more vibrant switching market and record savings. At energyhelpline the average saving this year has been £335 a year. Just two years ago in 2014, average savings from switching energy were £221 a year.

The second is the rise of collective switching. At energyhelpline we organised the second ever collective switch in the UK in May 2012. Since then we and others have organised loads of them. Through us and our partners we have organised 300,000 switches to collective deals. Our next collective will be running later in the Autumn.

I recently totalled the switching savings that we have enabled at energyhelpline since Jay and I formed the company in 2002. We don’t just organise switches for ourselves but partners and small suppliers too.

The switch count now totals around 5 million homes and £1 billion of savings. Not bad for 14 years of work. We used to refer to ourselves as ‘two guys in Balham’ naturally now it’s about hundreds of guys and girls all over the UK and some across the world. Two guys in Balham couldn’t do 5 million switches.

Remember if you want to see how much you can save use our special cashback link at – at up to £34 cashback it pays more than any other major site.

Also this week Panorama issued a shocking report on safety concerns about Sellafield. Sellafield is the world’s  most complex nuclear plant and a lot of it was built decades ago. Panorama sources whistleblowers and past managers and exposes some really worrying facts about rotting infrastructure and possible leaks and explosions. It’s not a one sided story the management of Sellafield and the Government answer back in the programme. For anyone interested in energy issues it’s definitely worth a watch.

Prefer to read than watch – A short news report about the programme is here

The Isle of Man Government is naturally very concerned as they peer across the Irish Sea at the nuclear plant

You can see Sellafield’s response if you are interested here it appears to be incredibly brief – We’re safe, don’t worry, the BBC didn’t really represent us properly 

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