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Gas and Electricity


Energy consumers are well looked after in the UK.  It’s safe and easy to switch energy suppliers with  And regulatory bodies like energywatch look after energy consumers’ ongoing interests, making sure their needs are met.


Energywatch is the independent gas and electricity watchdog.  They provide consumers with free and impartial advice.  Energywatch will even take up your case if you feel you’re being treated unfairly by your gas or electricity supplier.

•    Energywatch awards Confidence Code accreditation
•    Energywatch and switching energy suppliers

Energywatch awards Confidence Code accreditation has been awarded the prestigious energywatch Confidence Code accreditation.  The regulator conducted a rigorous audit and found that meets all nine requirements of the Code of Confidence.  So, when you switch to a cheaper supplier with, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Energywatch and switching energy suppliers will help you take advantage of the UK’s competitive energy market.  You may save hundreds of pounds by switching to a cheaper energy supplier.  With our free service, you can compare ALL energy companies in minutes.  Then, if you choose to switch, will look after everything.

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