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What gas savings can I make?

How does the gas and electricity
comparison service work?

Want to make gas savings? will help you discover which energy company is best for you.  We analyse and compare ALL UK energy suppliers.  In minutes, you’ll see how much you can save with each gas company.

If you choose to switch to a new energy supplier, then will take care of the entire process.  You can sit back and enjoy the savings.

Gas and Electricity

What gas savings can I make?

It is simple to make gas savings with – and the savings could add up to hundreds of pounds.  The UK energy market is very competitive, with ten major companies all vying to be the cheapest.  If you have never switched, then you could make gas savings of around 30%.

The cheapest rates are ‘internet-only’ which means they are only available online and you’ll be emailed your bill, rather than receiving it in the post.  The other way to make gas savings is to pay by direct debit. will help you make the maximum gas savings.  With, you can compare ALL gas companies and ALL of their cheapest tariffs.  Our service is free and completely impartial.  Every year, we help over 100,000 UK consumers make gas savings.

•     Can I make gas savings?
•     How to make gas savings
•     Switch online and make gas savings

Compare, Switch and Save on Gas and Electricity


Can I make gas savings?

The quick and easy way to find out if you can make gas savings is to compare energy suppliers.  There are a number of different gas companies, offering a number of different gas and electricity packages.  Fortunately, with’s energy price comparison service, you can compare gas suppliers in minutes and make the biggest possible gas savings.

How to make gas savings

In just a few minutes, you can compare gas suppliers and make gas savings.  All you have to do is provide some basic details, like your postcode.  If you have an energy bill handy, then you can input your exact energy usage.  Otherwise, you can specify whether you are a low, medium of high level user.

Our price comparison calculator will show you a comparison table showing you the gas savings you can make.  Our calculator will also let you view capped and non-capped packages – or, if you’d prefer, you can compare green energy tariffs.

Switch online and make gas savings

You can switch to a cheaper energy supplier and make gas savings with  Once you’ve compared energy suppliers and discovered which gas company is ideal for you, you’ll want to sign-up and start making gas savings as soon as possible.

This is simple with – you can switch using our website.  We’ll make sure that you switch without a hitch. We will ask for some personal information such as your name and address, and then pass these details securely to your chosen provider.  Your new gas company will write to you to confirm your switch.

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