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How do I get cheapest gas suppliers in UK?

Who are the gas suppliers in the UK?

Nearly all suppliers will supply gas when switching to a dual fuel tariff. However if you are a customer who is only looking to switch their gas suppliers then it is best to run a “gas only” comparison as a lot of the smaller suppliers will not supply only gas due to little demand.

There are also a few suppliers that specialise in only supplying gas to customers.

Who is my cheapest gas supplier?

Who your cheapest gas supplier may be will depend on where you live, how much gas you consume, and the payment method you select. Typically, selecting monthly direct debit as your payment method will be your cheapest option, with gas prepayment meter being the most expensive.

How can I find out my cheapest Gas supplier?

The quickest and easiest way to find this out is by running a comparison through an Ofgem accredited comparison site like Using an Ofgem accredited site ensures that you see the whole picture, as Ofgem sites are required to show the whole of market including suppliers who they have not got commercial agreements with.

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Can I have a separate Gas supplier to my electricity supplier?

Yes, you can have different gas suppliers to your electricity supplier. However, the majority of households go for a dual fuel tariff, meaning your gas and electricity is supplied by the same energy provider.

Dual fuel tariffs are generally more popular as most suppliers will offer a discount to dual fuel customers making it the cheaper option.

Will my gas supply be affected by a switch?

No. Your gas supply will be uninterrupted if you do decide to switch. When you switch gas supplier the gas is supplied to your home in exactly the same way as it was before. Switching gas suppliers in UK simply means that you are billed by a different supplier for the same gas, from the same pipes, and likely to be billed less for it.

Does a cheap gas supplier mean worse customer service?

No, switching your gas to a cheap doesn’t mean you will receive any difference in the service provided. In fact, some of the smaller and cheaper gas suppliers offer better customer service than the large suppliers. displays customer service ratings for all gas suppliers in UK, so you will be able to make an informed choice based on both price and customer service.

Our customer service ratings are based on a number of factors including statistics supplied by Ofgem, and the level of complaints received by Ofgem.  We also look at the supplier’s website functionality including whether or not bills and information are accessible online availability, and how contactable are their customer service call centres.

Switch Gas Suppliers using energyhelpline can be used to run a quick whole of market comparison in minutes. All you need to run a comparison is your postcode, your current energy supplier, your usage, and your preferred payment method. Once all details are entered, you can then view the results table and select a new supplier to switch to.

Once you have selected a new tariff to switch to, all you need to do is complete the application form on the next page, and then we’ll send all details straight to your new supplier. You’ll then receive a welcome pack from your new supplier with a switchover date. It is advised that a meter reading is taken on the switchover date as this will enable an accurate final bill from your old supplier.

How much can I save switching Gas supplier?

It’s hard to say how much you can save without running a quick comparison. How much you can save depends on the amount of gas you use, and which part of the country you live in.

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