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Good Energy – Standard

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Finding a great deal on your household bills is simple with  If you want to know more about the all the UK’s gas and electricity suppliers and their tariffs, read on.

Good Energy – Standard

Good Energy is a long established green energy company that serves many thousands of people across the UK.

Good Energy is the only UK supplier which sources all of their electricity from renewables, as they have done for the last 10 years. No fossil fuels, no nuclear. They are unique in that the only electricity tariff they offer domestic customers is certified renewable.

Good Energy supplies 100% Renewable Electricity, which is generated by clean and sustainable sources – wind power, small scale hydroelectric and solar power.

It is available in England, Wales and Scotland and gives people the power to make a difference by reducing their personal contribution to climate change whilst not having to change their lifestyle. In 2004 Good Energy customers saved 25,200 tonnes of CO2, which equates to the emissions produced by a petrol car travelling 70 million miles. Good Energy is recommended by the GOOD Shopping Guide.

In addition, Good Energy has recently launched its Home Generation scheme, which pays people for the Renewable Electricity they generate from small renewable generators including solar panels and wind turbines.

Good Energy is owned by an independent PLC, the Monkton Group, which specialises in investing in renewable energy. Over 1,000 Good Energy customers are investors in the Monkton Group.

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