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What is green energy?

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Do you want to know more about green energy?  Fair enough.  Energy is one of the biggest household expenses, AND a major contributor to pollution levels.  By switching to green energy, you’ll not only help prevent climate change, you may also save yourself hundreds of pounds.

What is green energy?

Green energy is produced by methods that are environmentally friendly.  In particular, green energy is renewable and non-polluting.  By choosing to power your home with green energy, you will reduce the amount of carbon that is emitted into the environment.

You can sign up for a green energy tariff with any of a number of UK energy suppliers, but there are different types of green tariff.  You can choose a green energy tariff which will provide you with 100% renewable electricity, which will probably be generated by windpower or hydroelectric power.  Alternatively, you may select a green energy tariff that offsets the amount of energy you consume by providing the national grid with an equivalent amount of renewable energy.  Otherwise, you can choose a green energy tariff that will make contributions to environmental projects on your behalf.’s comparison service will help you find the right green energy tariff for you.

•    How is green energy generated?
•    How do I compare green energy tariffs?
•    How do I switch to a green energy tariff?

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How is green energy generated?

There are a number of renewable generation methods which produce green energy: solar power, wave/tidal generation hydroelectricity, and wind energy.  The UK has, in the form of wind power, the largest renewable green energy resource in Europe, according to the British Wind energy association.

How do I compare green energy tariffs?

In just a few minutes, you can compare green energy tariffs with’s free service.  You simply need to provide basic details, beginning with your postcode.  We’ll also need to know how much energy you use.  If you have an energy bill handy, then you can input your exact usage.  Otherwise, you can simply specify if you’re a low, medium or high-level user, and we can make an estimate.

Then, our calculator will produce a table that features all the major green tariffs from UK energy companies.  You’ll see at a glance how much you could save with each supplier.

How do I switch to a green energy tariff?

You can slash your contribution to climate change in minutes by switching to a green energy tariff.  And you could save money too.

Switching to a green energy tariff is simple with – we’ll look after the entire switching process.  We will ask for some personal information such as your name and address, and then pass these details securely to your chosen company.  Your new energy provider will write to you to confirm your switch.

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