Heat Cover – Top Deals and what you need to know

Supplier Policy Cost Excess Category
24|7 Home Rescue Basic Package £4.95 £95 Boiler cover
EDF Energy Heating Protect £11 £95 Boiler and central heating cover
24|7 Home Rescue Boiler Breakdown Cover Deluxe £15.91 £75 Boiler and home emergency cover

The energy supplier you’re with probably has their own boiler cover plan, but you don’t need to be on their plan. If you switch to another supplier you could be paying as little as £5/month.

First things first: before you take out a deal, you may already be covered by your home insurance. Also, if you’re renting, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to handle your boiler cover. Get an annual boiler service (provided your policy doesn’t already cover it); most policies won’t pay out if you encounter an issue and it’s not been properly maintained.

Also, if your boiler is new, it might not be worth taking out a policy. It might be cheaper overall just to pay outright when you experience an issue. The older your boiler is, the more likely you will have a problem, and the more worthwhile it will be to take out a deal. If your boiler is too old, though, you might not be able to insure it. Most plans will require your boiler to be less than 7 years old.

By Oliver Reilly