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Need help learning about energy?


How to choose the right energy for your home


Energy may seem  confusing at first, but you may be surprised to learn that much of the information you need to know as a consumer is simple and straightforward.

Here are the answers to many common questions about energy – all explained in modern English.

 How much will I save if I switch energy suppliers?


It varies, but on average, those who switch from a pricey Standard Variable Tariff to a better value tariff can roughly save up to £300 a year (based on average usage). Over just 5 years, that’s £1500 of potential savings!

In order to get the most accurate answer, we recommend you use our savings calculator. You only need your postcode to begin, and to know what supplier and tariff you are on. After you put in this info, we will be able to give you a savings estimate tailored to you.

How long does it take to switch?


If you switch through our website, it often takes 5-10 minutes.


I’m not sure who my current supplier is – am I still allowed to switch?


Yes, you are. It’s okay if you’re not sure who your current supplier is, you can still switch.  During the transfer, the new supplier will get information about who supplies your property, and will handle the switch from there.


I’m in energy debt – can I switch?


Possibly. Usually if you are in debt for less than £100, and/or you’ve been in debt for less than 28 days, suppliers will be willing to switch you.

However, if you are in debt for over £100, or have been in debt for over 28 days, it may not be possible to switch. Still, it is worth considering switching to a cheaper tariff from your current supplier – that way you can pay off the debt that much faster.

There is an exception – If you are on a pay-as-you-go meter, then you can switch as long as you have less than £500 of debt, thanks to the Debt Assignment Protocol. You’ll have to ask your new supplier to do this.


Will there be a gap in my supply?


None whatsoever. There will be no gaps or interruption – your electricity and gas will continue to work as usual.


Do my pipes and/or wires need to be changed?


No – no wires or fittings in your home will be affected by switching whatsoever.


Will someone have to come and visit my home?


No. Everything is done behind the scenes, and no one will have to visit your home.


How do I find out what tariff I’m currently on?


The fastest way to do this is to check your most recent energy statement or bill. If that’s not easily available, you can just get in contact with your supplier, and they will be able to tell you.


Can you help me figure out how much energy I use on average?


The most accurate way to get this information is to look at the Kilowatt (kWh) usage on a recent statement or bill.

If that’s not available, you can easily estimate how much you consume though our usage calculator.


How can I be sure I’m getting the best deal on my energy?


It’s important that you have a fair unbiased view of what is out there, which is why it is vital to make sure you are viewing all deals out there.

Many price comparison sites will only show you tariffs they can make money from, even if they aren’t the cheapest ones out there.

Not us, though. Unlike some other sites, we show you whole of market – meaning every deal, not just the ones we offer.

On top of that, we are Ofgem-accredited – a distinction that we are proud to have earned.


I’ve switched & saved – is there anything else I can do to lower my energy bills?


There are some great ideas out there to conserve energy, which lower your bill even more. Check out some here.


Why are Standard Variable Tariffs bad to be on?


Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs) are the “default tariff” that two-thirds of the UK is on – and they are just about always the most expensive tariffs out there.

It’s recommended that you take care to avoid them – or risk overpaying for your energy.


How can it be free to use energyhelpline?


We don’t charge you a penny for our switching service. So how can we offer you great deals, and still be profitable? By charging a commission to the suppliers, ensuring you don’t pay out of pocket.

We are completely independent from any supplier – so you can be confident that you can find the best deal for you.


After you switch energy


Do I need to contact my old supplier to let them know I’ve switched?


No – you don’t have to do anything. The suppliers will communicate with one another, taking care of everything.


Will I be charged any fees for switching?


Not by us. The only fee you could possibly encounter is an exit fee from your old supplier, if you leave a fixed deal before the end of its term.

If you are amongst the two-thirds of the UK who is on a pricey Standard Variable Rate Tariff, you likely can switch and save without paying fees.


How to make sure you keep on saving


 How long will my savings last?


That all depends on the sort of tariff that you’re on, including:

  • One-year fix tariffs: These mean that your price is fixed for a year. You can find great deals with these, but it is vital to remember to switch before your term is up, otherwise your energy bills can increase.
  • Long-fix Tariffs: These mean that your price is fixed for a longer period than a year.
  • Variable tariffs: These typically go up and down as they are connected to wholesale energy prices. Depending on what that price is, that means you can pay more or less for your energy than you would on a fixed tariff.


What happens if I don’t switch again?


You will likely be defaulted onto a Standard Variable Tariff, which means you’ll likely pay more for energy than you have to.

It’s easy to avoid though – just switch and save at the end of your tariff. Once you are 49 days from the end of your tariff, you can go ahead and switch ASAP, to make sure those savings keep on going.

  • Keep savings going with Pricewatch


Want an easy reminder for when it’s time to switch and keep those savings going? Sign up for our Pricewatch emails, which will automatically alert you when it’s time to switch to keep those savings going.

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