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Natural Gas

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Gas and Electricity Guide

Do you want to know more about natural gas?  Fair enough.  Energy is one of the biggest household expenses.  You will have noticed energy prices rising rapidly over the past few years.  Knowing more about gas and electricity will enable you to reduce your bill.

Natural gas

Households that are not on the main gas network can still enjoy the benefits of gas by having natural gas delivered to their home.

However, if your home is connected to the gas network, then you can save a great deal by signing up with the gas supplier that is cheapest in your region.

It is easy to find the best gas deal with  The UK energy market is very competitive, with hundreds of different gas tariffs available. makes it easy to compare all gas suppliers and switch to a new company online.

•    Is Natural Gas better for the environment?
•    Natural Gas vs. Piped Gas – switch online

Is Natural Gas better for the environment?

Natural gas is among the cleanest of all the fossil fuels.  Using natural gas can help ease a number of environmental concerns – greenhouse gas emissions, acid rain, smog, solid waste and water pollution.

When natural gas is burned, it produces virtually no emissions of sulfur dioxide and lower levels of “greenhouse” gases and nitrogen oxides.  In addition, the natural gas process produces virtually no solid waste and has much less impact on water quality.

Natural Gas vs. Piped Gas – switch online

Whether you’d like to reduce the environmental impact or find a cheaper deal, will help you find the best gas tariff for you.  Our calculator will help you compare regular or green energy tariffs.  And, once you’ve found the best gas company for you, you can switch using our website.

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