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Finding a great deal on your household bills is simple with  If you want to know more about the all the UK’s gas and electricity suppliers and their tariffs, read on.

npower – Juice

npower is one of Britain’s largest electricity suppliers and supplies gas, electricity and related services to 6.1 million customers across the UK.

npower Juice is electricity that is 100% matched with renewable sources. It costs the same as standard electricity, so there’s no extra cost. npower matches every unit of normal electricity that you use and feeds the same amount, generated from renewable sources, back into the electricity network.

Juice has also recently been certified in line with OFGEM’s Green Supply Guidelines as a tariff with genuine environmental benefits.

In addition, for every customer that takes Juice, npower makes a contribution of £10 every year into the Juice Fund. The fund is then used to support community based renewable generation projects which provide a real environmental benefit.

This tariff is available on a variety of flexible payment methods including Direct Debit, regular payment schemes, cash, cheque or pay as you go if you have a prepayment meter.


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