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Finding a great energy deal is simple with  If you want to know more about electricity and gas suppliers, read on.

Northern Power: Switch energy supplier with Energy Helpline

Northern Power is a former electricity supplier to the north of England, primarily Tyne & Wear and North Yorkshire.

The company became npower. npower is one of Britain’s largest electricity suppliers and supplies gas, electricity and related services to 6.1 million customers across the UK. npower is a market leader in renewable energy and sources the green energy for Juice and National Trust Green Energy directly from renewable sources, at no extra cost.

Standard Tariff – This is npower’s basic gas and electricity tariff which can be paid online or by paper billing. However, you won’t receive any online discount on your bills and npower has a number of cheaper tariffs. There is no cancellation charge to switch away from a standard tariff.

Juice Standard Tariff – This is npower’s basic green gas and electricity tariff which can be paid online or by paper billing.

Go Fix Tariff – Go Fix is a fixed price plan, currently fixing prices until April 2013. Customers must pay by direct debit and accounts are managed online.

Sign On-line Tariff– The Sign Online range of tariffs is very cheap. You can sign up to the tariff on, or we can organise the switch for you over the phone. All correspondence associated with this tariff is online. You can still call the main (0845) npower customer services phone number for any account queries or questions.

Go Save Tariff – Go Save is designed for customers who want to manage their account online and get a reward for doing so. It’s available exclusively to customers paying by monthly Direct Debit. The price you’ll pay is the same as our variable Standard electricity and gas tariff, with an extra annual discount of £5 per fuel (providing you sign up for paperless bills and use our meter read reminder service). If you take both electricity and gas from npower and pay continuously by Direct Debit for a year, you’ll also get our annual £100 Direct Debit discount. So that’s a total annual discount up to £110!

Juice Tariff– npower Juice is electricity that is 100% matched with renewable sources. It costs the same as standard electricity, so there’s no extra cost. npower matches every unit of normal electricity that you use and feeds the same amount, generated from renewable sources, back into the electricity network.

Juice has also recently been certified in line with OFGEM’s Green Supply Guidelines as a tariff with genuine environmental benefits.This tariff is available on a variety of flexible payment methods including Direct Debit, regular payment schemes, cash, cheque or pay as you go if you have a prepayment meter.

In addition, for every customer that takes Juice, npower makes a contribution of £10 every year into the Juice Fund. The fund is then used to support community based renewable generation projects which provide a real environmental benefit.

npower Service Rating

npower has been given a 3 star service rating as they have a relatively low level of customer complaints (source: energywatch) and a wide range of services including full online account management.

npower offer the option of managing your account online, with billing and the ability to submit a meter reading and pay your bill via the web. Once you have become a customer you can sign up for this if you want to.

To qualify, you must take your supply from npower and pay by the same payment method for a full 12 month period – this period does not have to be a Jan-Dec calendar year.

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