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As npower launch new bundled product – We assess how it stacks up

04-09-2015 Posted by:Manny Kapur

This week npower released a new tariff Home Safe Fix March 2017 with prices fixed till March 2017, costing £1,051. The tariff differs from other tariffs as it comes with a free gas safety check and a free carbon monoxide alarm.

We decided to look at the different bundles to see how they stack up.

Available bundles

Currently there are two tariffs on the market that come with add ons – npower’s Home Safe Fix March 2017 and Scottish Power’s Fixed Price Energy January 2018.

npower Home Safe Fix March 2017 fixes your bills until March 2017. Included with this tariff is a free gas safety check, which can cost anywhere from £40 to £80 and a free carbon monoxide detector, which are typically worth around £30. The gas safety check includes a Gas Safe Registered engineer checking your gas boiler and any other gas appliances you own at the address supplied when switching your energy. So whether you have a gas hob, oven, or gas fire, you can get the peace of mind that everything is performing as it should and is safe to use, you’ll also receive a gas safety certificate.

Another available bundle is Scottish Power’s Fixed Price Energy January 2018 tariff costing £1,153 a year which includes their Linked HomeComfort Premium Care heat cover worth £215 a year. This includes cover for your boiler, the controls, pipes, thermostats, pumps, valves and radiators. Linked HomeComfort Premium Care also covers the cost of parts and labour, provides customers with a 365 day, 24 hour helpline in case of emergencies, unlimited call outs and an annual boiler service. This tariff is slightly more expensive and you’ll be tied down for longer but the cover provided works out to be considerably more.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want the hassle of switching heat cover and energy every year then you may be better suited with switching to a longer fixed tariff which includes heat cover.

Purchasing heat cover separately

The alternative option is to purchase your heat cover separately from your energy switch. Purchasing separately allows you to make a comparison against all heat cover providers as opposed to just the providers who supply energy, some people will prefer to be covered by providers who specialise and focus on heat cover alone. It also prevents the scenario where you switch away from your energy supplier and lose your heat cover as a result.

Heat cover can often be purchased individually for as little as £50 for the year so can work out much cheaper overall, whether this is the case for you or not will depend on the current cheapest tariffs in the energy market or the tariff you are currently on.

One thing to consider, If you have just switched to a new tariff or your current tariff is not close to expiry, you may have to pay cancellation fees to move to a tariff with heat cover. In this case it would likely be better to buy heat cover individually as cancellation fees can cost as much as £30 a fuel, which might make the switch impractical.

Which is the best option?

The cheapest heat cover option is npower Boiler Care Flexi 100 costing £4.20 a month which includes unlimited cover on boilers and controls at £100 per call out. Our top pick is from smaller provider HES and their Central Heating Care 50 product which costs slightly more at £5.99 a month but provides unlimited callouts, parts and labour for both boiler and central heating at £50 repair.

npower, Home Energy Services and ScottishPower boiler cover

If you are interested in purchasing heat cover then hopefully this article has gone some way to helping you pick the best option for you. At energyhelpline we don’t just compare all the UK’s energy tariffs but also many heat cover plans too.

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