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Gas and Electricity


Energy consumers are well looked after in the UK.  It’s safe and easy to switch energy suppliers with  And regulatory bodies like Ofgem will making sure that your on-going needs are met by your new energy supplier.


Ofgem is the regulator for Britain’s gas and electricity industries. Ofgem’s role is to promote choice and value for all customers.

•    What is Ofgem’s role?
•    Ofgem and switching energy suppliers

What is Ofgem’s role?

Ofgem’s role is to protect the interests of consumers and promote competition in the UK energy market.  Principally, Ofgem focuses on regulating the monopoly businesses, securing the supply of energy to the UK, and making sure energy companies meet their environmental targets.

Ofgem and switching energy suppliers?

In 1999, Ofgem began to develop the UK energy market, making sure that consumers have a number of competitive companies to choose between. will help you take advantage of the UK’s competitive energy market.  You may save hundreds of pounds by switching to a cheaper energy supplier.  With our free service, you can compare ALL energy companies in minutes.  Then, if you choose to switch, will look after everything.

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