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Finding a great energy deal is simple with  If you want to know more about electricity and gas suppliers, read on.

Powergen Leading Investors in Energy

Powergen was re-branded as E.ON in 2004, and is one of the world’s leading investors in energy with around 9 million customers.  E.ON is investing heavily in renewable energy generation and manages one of the UK’s largest wind farms.

E.ON is Britain’s second largest gas and electricity company and offers a range of competitive tariffs with a good history of customer service.

Powergen Price Protection Tariff – Powergen Price Protection prices are capped for a set period of time, usually one to two years. If E.ON’s prices fall below the Price Protection prices, then these will also fall. However, if you switch away from the tariff before the end of the capped period, there may be cancellation charges.

Energy Extra Tariff – EnergyExtra combines gas and electricity and an annual boiler service with safety inspection.

Standard Tariff– Powergen’s basic domestic gas and electricity tariff can be paid online or by paper billing. However, you won’t receive any online discount on your bills and EON has a number of cheaper tariffs. There is no cancellation charge to switch away from a standard tariff.

We have given E.ON a 4 star service rating as they recently had a low number of cases raised against them by Consumer Focus. They offer an extended hours 0845 customer service centre and the ability to fully manage your account online.

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