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Price Watch by energyhelpline

07-06-2016 Posted by:Mark Todd

Get Cheaper Energy Forever by Joining Our Price Watch Club
Author: Mark Todd, Last Updated – June 2016

We want you never to have to overpay for your energy again. We want you to have cheaper energy forever.

If you do too then our Price Watch Club could really help.

It’s totally free and there’s currently 135,000 members all being alerted when they can save again. Thousands have saved with the service so far.

Want to know more? Read on below or view the explanatory video.

You can subscribe to Price Watch while comparing or switching on an energyhelpline site. Look out for the price watch owl logo and follow the simple instructions. It’s really easy to do.

Comparing or switching through our special Huge Switch website is the best way currently to join as we will also pay you £17-£20 per fuel cashback too if you switch there!*

How Does Price Watch Work?

We take your comparison details from the visit when you subscribed and run it through our comparison engine constantly.

Once you can save the amount you want we email you the results. We will only email you once every 14 days so don’t worry we won’t clutter up your inbox but also we won’t leave it say a month so you miss out on savings.

Once opted in to Price Watch:

– If you switch with us on the visit we’ll monitor your new tariff for savings;
– Or if you don’t switch that time then we’ll monitor your current one.

The Alerts

Price Watch will alert you by email when you can save again, it’s:

1. whole of market so whether we can switch you to the new deal or not we’ll send it to you
2. the email alerts come a maximum of fortnightly so they won’t clutter up your inbox
3. and they’ll have your energy details loaded in to them. With one click you will be able to go straight back to your results table with no need to re-enter your details.

It’s easy to stop….. If you want to stop an alert it’s easy just click on ‘Stop this Alert’ at the bottom of a price watch email and it’s stopped forever. Just one click – no hassle.

For most people I think this is probably enough detail to get started but if you want more technical details and how it compares to Moneysavingexpert’s Cheap Energy Club, a similar service, read on below.

Compare and Switch Online & Get up to £40 Cashback with Huge Switch

or call us on 0800 074 0745 (Mon-Fri 9-8, Sat & Sun 9-5) and quote cashback for £10 / fuel switching cashback

How it Compares to Moneysavingexpert’s Cheap Energy Club

Price Watch and Cheap Energy Club are similar services. They both alert you when you can save again. This is our comparison of the two.

1. Price Watch constantly runs and alerts a customer immediately once they can save the amount they want and then sends an update every 14 days if the customer can still save the amount they want. Cheap Energy Club emails once a month.

2. Price Watch has more tariffs to apply to through it as at energyhelpline we have switching deals with 32 suppliers while moneysavingexpert / MoneySupermarket Group that run Cheap Energy Club have significantly less.

3. Register with Price Watch on our Huge Switch at and we’ll pay you £17-£20 per fuel cashback when you switch online there. Cheap Energy Club offers £15 per fuel cashback.

4. How comparisons are generated? Both sites use an OFGEM approved calculator and are whole of market so you can trust them to be comprehensive and accurate.

The next bit is technical and only impacts customers on fixed price tariffs – skip if it’s a bit much.

Both Price Watch and Cheap Energy Club avoid using personal projections in calculations to trigger emails to you to tell you when you can save. Times readers and Martin Lewis watchers will probably be very familiar with personal projections and their pros and cons.

Personal projections do a comparison against what you will pay over the next year if you don’t switch at all through that period and can make you feel you will save when you actually can’t right now. This particularly happens early on in a low cost fixed price deal eg. 1-6 months into a 12 month fixed price tariff.

Price watch only uses personal projections in the last 49 days of a fixed tariff to trigger alerts to avoid these issues. So most of the time you are on a fixed rate we use the current rate of the fixed price tariff to assess whether you can save again now.

Cheap Energy Club also prefers to avoid using personal projections too and gives you different calculation options within its journey.

NB. Personal projections don’t impact calculations if you are on a standad tariff as 70% of UK homes are; just if you are on a fixed price tariff.

5. Cheap Energy Club has a log in. Price watch doesn’t. We are working on this.

6. On both Price Watch and Cheap Energy Club you can state how much you want the savings trigger to be eg. £50 or £100 or any saving. With Price Watch you can do this by registering during the comparison journey on the page before our results page.

* Ts & Cs apply – to get the cashback at £17-£20 / fuel switches must be online, through the website and you can’t have switched or started one in the last 3 months. Prefer to talk, call us up on 0800 074 0745 and quote cashback for £10 / fuel.

Compare and Switch Online & Get up to £40 Cashback with Huge Switch

or call us on 0800 074 0745 (Mon-Fri 9-8, Sat & Sun 9-5) and quote cashback for £10 / fuel switching cashback

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