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Scottish Power – H2O

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Finding a great deal on your household bills is simple with  If you want to know more about the all the UK’s gas and electricity suppliers and their tariffs, read on.

Scottish Power – H2O

ScotttishPower offers two green tariffs: H20 – 100% green electricity from hydro-electric, and two Green Fund tariffs.

The ScottishPower Group supplies utility services to about 5 million customers across the United Kingdom. We have given ScottishPower a 4 star service rating as they recently had a low number of cases raised against them by Consumer Focus. ScottishPower also offers a wide range of call centre and online services.

ScottishPower operate a call centre to respond to all customer service enquiries. The call centre has extended hours and is an 0845 number. ScottishPower also offer full online account management. On the ScottishPower website, customers can perform a number of useful tasks, such as paying their bill and submitting meter readings.

ScottishPower’s cheapest tariff is their Online Energy Saver tariff. On this tariff, customers get a discount as they no longer receive a paper bill. Instead, the customer can access their account via an email which links to the ScottishPower website. Customers on the online tariff can still make use of ScottishPower’s telephone-based services, such as the call centre and emergency numbers.

ScottishPower own Manweb, whose brand was phased out in May 2007. All Manweb customers are now on ScottishPower tariffs. In addition, Union Energy customers have also recently been transferred onto ScottishPower tariffs.

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