Supplier Profile – British Gas

Authors: Victoria Arrington and Mark Todd
Last Updated: Dec 2019

  • British Gas is the largest provider of gas electricity in the UK, with around 12.5 million total customers across the nation. It is a “Big 6” provider (Meaning it is one of the largest 6 nationwide – the others being EDF, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE).
  • They are owned by Centrica. In Scotland, they are named “Scottish Gas”; in Wales they are “Nwy Prydain” which is “British Gas” in Welsh.
  • They offer a variety of tariffs, both paper and online, some can be really low cost, others can be expensive in or around the price cap.
  • They supply both electricity and gas.

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What’s The Best Way To Lower Your British Gas Bill?

Those who switch energy tariffs can save an average of £250* a year, just by taking a few minutes to find a more affordable tariff.

You Could Remain a British Gas Customer and Still Save

But what if you are happy being a British Gas customer? You could potentially still save £100s, by switching to a bargain British Gas tariff. They don’t always have these available but sometimes do.

You can click here to get compare prices and see if British Gas have any bargain tariffs out now.

Interested in seeing how much you can lower your energy bill?

Call – 0800 074 0745 or Compare Prices Online

Customer Service at British Gas

According to energy regulator Ofgem, British Gas have the lowest level complaints per customer of the big UK energy companies. Their complaint levels have dropped over the last five years, reaching a low in Q1 2018. Please see British Gas and other big suppliers’ complaints chart below:


Does British Gas Offer The Warm Home Discount?

Yes. British Gas offers the Warm Home Discount, a scheme that can reduce energy bills by £140 for those who are eligible.

For some, energy bills can be reduced by as much as 59% if you combine the warm home discount with the winter fuel payment and switch to a bargain energy tariff.

And many households can save an average of £280* by switching energy, regardless if they qualify for any special programmes.

Interested in seeing how much you can lower your energy bill?

Call – 0800 074 0745 or Compare Prices Online

Does British Gas Offer More Than Energy?

Yes. British Gas famously offers boiler cover. They come out and fix your boiler when it goes on the blink. They also install boilers and heating systems. They also nowadays offer smart home technologies (including “smart” thermostats you can control with a smartphone or tablet) and other home services like electrics and plumbing.

Fun Fact: Did You Know That British Gas is Over 200 Years Old?

The history of British Gas goes all the way back to 1812, a time when Britain was at war with France and Napoleon. In this year, the Gas Light & Coke Company was formed under royal seal from King George III. It was the first public utility in the world.

The company gobbled up many smaller companies over the years and became Britain’s dominant gas supply company. It went on to become the regional gas boards that were nationalised in 1949 under the Attlee Government and in 1972 these were centralised to become British Gas.

In 1986, British Gas was privatised as a gigantic monopoly in a very famous public share flotation under the Conservative Thatcher Government. In the adverts the nation were famously told ‘If you see Sid… tell him’.

Overnight British Gas became one of the UK’s biggest private companies valued at £9 billion. They controlled the whole gas network and had a total supply monopoly serving every UK home and business whom had no option but to use them if they wanted gas.

Later they were split up into Transco (the network business that owns all the pipes) with British Gas being left with the gas supply and heat cover businesses as well as gas rigs and fields, and the gas storage business.

In 1998, British Gas started selling electricity for the first time as the UK electricity market was opened up. Around this time the gas market was also opened up to competition.

Over the years, British Gas has remained the UK’s largest gas supplier and now it is also the UK’s largest electricity too. Its percentage market share has however been dropping as it now competes with another sixty suppliers in the world’s most competitive energy market. As of writing in December 2019, British Gas holds 19% of the electricity market, and 28% of the gas market.

*Notes: £250 is the average energyhelpline customer switch saving during 2018 and 2019. Survey of over 50,000 switches.