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Who deals with the energy suppliers?

Switching energy suppliers is easier than you think


As nearly one-third of consumers have shifted away from overpriced standard tariffs (the most expensive out there), it has become evident that consumers are more clever than ever.

And when switching & saving only takes only 3 steps, it only makes sense to join in.

So what are those 3 steps?

Step 1: Enter your details


– All you need to start is some basic details – your postcode and your usage.

Step 2: Pick Your Favourite Tariff:


After you enter your details, you can choose what you suits you best:

– Top service ratings

– Green energy

– …And more

Step 3: Switch energy suppliers & save


– Here is the best part – picking your tariff and seeing how much you can save.

From there, just about everything is taken care of for you behind the scenes. The suppliers communicate with each other to exchange everything they need to know. There is little for you to do – and there will be no physical changes to your home (no changing of wires, etc.)

To maximise savings, you should switch energy suppliers as soon as possible


With price hikes becoming all but a certainty, time has shown that they only snowball and grow upon each other, magnifying your bills more any more.

This means that the quicker that you lock in a great tariff (which can be fixed for 3+ years for extra security), the sooner you are protected from tariffs that could see never-ending rises.

Compare long-fix tariffs here.


How to make sure you get a great energy deal, fair & square.


Many people don’t realise that there are actually thousands of energy tariffs available on the market at any given time – an amount which would hard for anyone to sift through! On top of that, tariffs can change every day.

That’s why a site like ours is so useful – it takes what would otherwise be a task that could take days, and whittles it down to seconds, making it so much easier to get a great deal.

However – it’s really important to make sure that you are on a site that offers as many tarrifs as possible, so you can make the most informed choice you can.

Many price comparison sites limit what you can see, to your disadvantage. It’s so they can only show the tariffs they can make money on.

Not us though. The thing we care about most is telling you about every tariff out there, no matter what – because it’s the right thing to do. And we think that you will find that using our site to switch will save you so much on a quality tariff, that it will be a great choice for you no matter what.

Note: energyhelpline offers more tariffs than anyone else in the marketplace. It’s just one of many reasons that we are Ofgem-regulated.

Want to save on your gas bill too?


If you switch energy suppliers and gas, you could save extra…


If you need gas for your home, it’s worth considering getting electricity and from a single supplier. That’s because it may qualify for a “dual-fuel” discount, which can give a bit of a boost to your savings, bringing down your bill even more.

What could you save if you switch energy suppliers?


Click here to find out.


The price promise

We’re accredited by Ofgem so you can switch with us and be confident we’re comprehensive and impartial.

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