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Tired of energy price hikes? Register for access to an ultra-low tariff!

25-09-2017 Posted by:Victoria Arrington

The Winter Collective 2017 has launched – meaning potential £££s for you!


The collective is back! This is your chance to get one of our favourite deals of the year – and not only beat the price hikes, but even potentially come out ahead financially.

What’s the collective? The idea is to unite all of you who want massive savings together – all you need to do is quickly register, which will make you eligible for the massive savingsWe can then wield the amazing bargaining power that comes from a great number of people, towards the aim of securing an ultra-low tariff from suppliers – the sort that no individual could ever obtain on their own.

Remember – To get the lowest tariff we can, we need to collect as many registrations as possible. That’s because the more people signed up equals more power we have to bargain with suppliers to get you the best energy deal possible.

Only those who register will access to this massive deal. So don’t let it slip your mind – it only takes a minute – Sign up for access to the collective.

How the energyhelpline Collective works


Register: Visit or phone 0800 074 0741, and share your details. It’s fast, simple & free – and you don’t even need a bill. The bigger the group, the better the deal. So be sure to tell your family and friends to sign up too.

Compare: An auction will be held, where suppliers will battle for your business, by offering cut-rate tariffs.

Save: The supplier who offers the cheapest tariff wins. From 17th October, we’ll let you know what the winning tariff is, and how it compares to other tariffs. From there, you can decide to switch or not, without obligation and always 100% free of charge.


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