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What is British Gas’s Free Electricity at Weekends for 8 Hours Offer Worth?

01-07-2016 Posted by:Mark Todd

This is a very clever tariff as it uses cheap electricity in the day at weekends when offices and factories are closed.

This means British Gas can provide household customers with a benefit at a fairly low cost to them.

However by our analysis it only saves a typical home around £25 a year unless they go crazy with the washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances. By switching, customers on BG Standard can save £300+

Why the deal might not be as great as it sounds:

1. Electricity is the smaller part of the total bill at 46% of a typical British Gas dual fuel bill. Gas is the bigger part of the bill – so they are giving you a discount on the smaller item

2. As it’s only a third of a day and its daylight hours it is unlikely to represent more than a 5% discount off a normal electricity bill unless you act abnormally during these hours. The highest rate of electricity usage is in the evenings.

3. The appliance which uses the most electricity is the fridge freezer it can often cost £100 a year to run but of course that is a constant drain – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Typical Savings

Type of Customer Typical Saving with Free Electricity a year – Normal Use (5% of electricity bill) Saving with Exceptional Use (10% of electricity bill) Possible Switch Saving
High User £33 £66 £400+
Medium user £24 £48 £300+
Low User £17 £34 £200+

Note: Calculations for a British Gas Standard gas and electricity customer in London paying by monthly direct.

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Mark Todd of energyhelpline commented:

“The big savings are in switching. You will save with this deal if you are already on British Gas Standard but you won’t get a huge saving and then you’ll still be paying high rates for the rest of the week.

Our analysis shows that a typical customer will save £24 off their yearly bill. £48 if they act abnormally – turning on lots of appliances, etc. You can get over £300 a year off by switching and go about your business normally. If you want to save you’re still best to switch.”

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