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White Meter

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Do you want to know more about your white meter?  Fair enough.  Energy is one of the biggest household expenses.  You will have noticed energy prices rising rapidly over the past few years.  Knowing more about gas and electricity will enable you to reduce your bill.

White Meter

White meter is a tariff offered by UK energy companies, most commonly in Scotland.  It is also referred to as Economy 7 elsewhere.  With a White meter, you pay a different amount for your energy according to the time of day.  White meter customers pay a cheaper rate during the off-peak night time, which usually runs from midnight till 7am.

A white meter will show two lines of digits, one for the day time usage and the other for night time.

•     Can I cut my bills with white meter?
•     How does white meter work?
•     How do I switch to white meter?

Can I cut my bills with white meter?

To cut your bills with a white meter tariff, you will need to schedule around 20% of your energy consumption during the cheap night time period.  White meter customers program their boilers and night storage heaters to come on during the cheaper night-time period.  It is also cheaper to operate appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers during this period.

How does white meter work?

Households using the white meter tariff require a special meter which shows two different readings – one for the day and one for the night. The wiring in the house does not need to be altered. To save money with white meter, your appliances require the intelligence to turn themselves on and off at the right times.

How do I switch to white meter?

If you are already on a white meter tariff, you could save money simply by switching to a different supplier.  You can compare white meter or economy 7 tariffs using  If you don’t have a white meter meter, you’ll need to have one installed, and then you can compare rates with and switch online.

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