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Why Get Heat Cover?

19-05-2017 Posted by:Oliver reilly

What Is It?

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Heat cover, or boiler cover, is similar to an insurance plan for your boiler. It means that if your boiler breaks down, you have someone that you can call to get an engineer out to you as soon as possible, and you wont need to worry about suddenly having to pay out potentially hundreds of pounds.

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Is It Worth It?

When deciding on any kind of insurance policy, the first thing you might ask yourself is “do I really need it?” How likely is it really that your boiler will breakdown and need to be fixed? Is it worth it?

If your boiler has never broken down on you, congratulations, you’re one of the lucky ones. 😀

For everyone else, it’s not a question of if, it’s when.

But even if you’ve accepted that your boiler will inevitably breakdown, there are still other options to prepare for this besides insurance. So let’s look at the choices.


Preparing For Boiler Breakdown

1) The first and perhaps easiest option is to do nothing. Don’t take out insurance, don’t use the boiler sparingly, don’t keep any savings for it and leave it to the fates.

This option is fine if you have a brand new boiler. Most new boilers will have a manufacturers guarantee that will protect you for at least one year, maybe more. However, this guarantee may only be valid if you have had the boiler serviced at least once a year. So do make sure to check the small print.

2) The second option is to have a savings pot, which you put money into every month on the off chance that your boiler does break down. This has the benefit of storiniStock_000017960387Smallg up money so that you can afford an engineer and repairs, and it doesn’t feel like the money has gone anywhere. It’s still there in your account, you just have to resist spending it.

The downside is that when your boiler does break down, you don’t necessarily have a specific number you can call. You need to find an engineer and hope they’re available, and most likely pay a higher fee.

3) The third option is why we’re all here: Take out a heat cover plan. You can think of this in a similar way to the second option. You’re putting money away every month to be used in case you boiler breaks down.

The downside is that that money has been paid and you can’t dip into a pot of savings if you’re late on the bills, but the plus side is it takes a lot of the hassle out of getting your boiler fixed. you have a number you know you can call, and you can be sure you will have a registered gas safe engineer to come fix it. Some boiler cover plans include bonuses such as credit for your energy (if it’s from the same supplier), an free annual boiler service, and a 24 hour helpline.

So Should I GeiStock_000003872575XSmallt Heat Cover or Not?

It’s up to you really, you don’t have to, there are other ways of preparing for a boiler breakdown, however taking out a heat cover plan will save you a lot of stress and worry when your boiler does eventually breakdown.

There are a range of boiler cover plans, starting from as little as £4.95 a month. less than the price of two coffees. Use a comparison site to look at the range of options and decide for yourself which is the right level for you. Some plans include central heating, some plans include electronics and plumbing. It’s up to you how much you want to spend and how much you want to cover.


Some Top Picks

For the home24-7_HomeRescueowner on a budget: Basic Package from 24|7 Home recuse, £4.95 per month This is the basic level cover that will cover a boiler breakdown, but not much else. it offer’s a 24 hour helpline and 24 hour call-outs. Get it here


EDF-Logo-30032017SMALL For the bargain hunter: EDF Energy Boiler Protect from EDF, £12.95 per month This package covers your boiler and controls, and includes a boiler service in the first year, essential for keeping your boiler running smoothly. This plan also extends coverage to boilers that are up to 11 years old, which is more than most. get it here.


bg_TRANS_2012For the big spender: HomeCare Three from British Gas, £17.00 per month This plan covers your boiler, heating controls, plumbing and drains. It also includes an annual boiler service and covers your central heating. It offers an optional excess, but this price is for the plan with no excess, which means you don’t have to pay anything when you call out an engineer. Get it here

For more details and our full range of products, compare heat cover plans on our site

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