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Why Us

Energyhelpline is a one-stop shop for consumers looking to get the best possible deal for their gas and electricity. As a whole of market price comparison service you can feel confident in comparing the full range of suppliers and tariffs that are available.

Our straightforward online comparison calculator makes switching suppliers simple and straightforward. You just need a few pieces of information to get on your way to an accurate comparison: your current supplier, tariff, post code and usage, most of which can be found on a copy of your most recent energy bill. Moved home recently or not in possession of your usage figures? No problem, as we have a handy estimator that can be used to ascertain roughly how much you may use for the size of property you inhabit and the number of people that live there.

Founded in 2003, energyhelpline is proud to have switched over 1 million customers, saving households over £300 million in the process.

We aim to make switching as straightforward as possible, and want to see every household pay the best possible rate for their gas and electricity supply. If you don’t switch only your supplier will get rich!


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