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Yorkshire Electric

Yorkshire Electricity is a now defunct electricity distribution company which formally served areas of the UK from Nottinghamshire up to Yorkshire.  Formed in 1948 as part of the nationalisation process of British utilities, the company split its distribution and delivery arms in 2001 with CE Electric taking over delivery.

The supply business is now handled by npower.


npower is one of Britain’s largest electricity suppliers and supplies gas, electricity and related services to 6.1 million customers across the UK. npower is a market leader in renewable energy and sources the green energy for juice and National Trust Green Energy directly from renewable sources, at no extra cost.

npower have been given a 3 star service rating due to the high level of cases raised against them by Consumer Focus, but also offer a wide range of services including full online account management. They offer a range of products including Online and Green tariffs.

npower tariffs can include a large discount paid at the end of each year – anything from £42 to £105 a year. Therefore over the year you will save the money quoted, however, if you leave during the year you will lose the discount and some of your savings. npower now offer the option of managing your account online, with online billing and the ability to submit a meter reading and pay your bill online. Once you have become a customer you can sign up for this, if you want. Energy customers (except those on pre-pay meters) who sign up for paperless billing can also request a free Energy Monitor to help see and track their electricity usage.

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