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Finding a great energy deal is simple with  If you want to know more about electricity and gas suppliers, read on.


Zest4 was an independent UK electricity supplier which concentrated on developing innovative new systems of delivery and service, including no standing charges and transparent systems of tariffs and charges. The company had 8,500 registered customers at its peak.

Early in 2006 the company was placed in administration and British Gas appointed as the new supplier to its customers.

British Gas are the largest provider of gas and electricity in the UK with around 11 million gas customers and 6 million electricity customers. They are generally known as Scottish Gas in Scotland and Nwy Prydain in Wales.

Service Ratings – they have been given a 4 star service rating by us as they recently had a low number of cases raised against them by Consumer Focus. They also have an extended hours call centre and excellent services to pay bills and submit meter reads online.

Tariffs – British Gas offer a number of different types of tariff, including a standard tariff, online tariff and capped tariff. Their cheapest online tariff is WebSaver 11 which includes both lump sum discounts and discounted rates. Any customer switching to a British Gas online tariff should be aware that they will no longer receive a paper bill. The WebSaver tariff is however specially designed so that customers can do as much as possible over the internet. If you did need to call BG on this tariff, there is a customer service centre now available on a 0800 phone number.

Green Tariffs – British Gas offer 2 green products. Future Energy Plus is a tariff that offsets all of a household’s energy usage to be carbon neutral. Future Energy is a 100% green electricity tariff.

HOMECARE – British Gas also offer standalone boiler and central heating service plans. This is often known as British Gas Homecare Cover. This contract is entirely separate from your gas and electricity supply and is not dependent on you being a British Gas customer for energy. If you choose to switch away from British Gas for your energy, the service will continue and be completely unaffected.

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